If you  have any issues you would like to discuss with a Unite branch representative, please feel free to contact us at uniteunion@sheffield.ac.uk

Unite Branch Officials and Workplace Representatives

University Branch Students' Union Branch
Chair  / Chair of JUCC: Martin Bentley -  m.d.bentley@sheffield.ac.uk
Secretary: Claire Healey - claire.healey@sheffield.ac.uk
Equalities Officer: Anne Hayes -  anne.hayes@sheffield.ac.uk
Lifelong Learning Office: Taiba Yasseen - t.yasseen@sheffield.ac.uk
Treasurer: Garry Turner
H&S Officer EFM:  Adam Tinsley - a.j.tinsley@sheffield.ac.uk
H&S Officer: Andrew Fairburn - a.fairburn@sheffield.ac.uk
H&S Officer: Ben Pollard - b.j.pollard@sheffied.ac.uk
Workplace Rep AMRC: Helen Mills - h.mills@sheffield.ac.uk
Workplace Rep AMRC: Juile Hogan - j.hogan@sheffield.ac.uk

Workplace Rep: Richard Finn